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Iran vs America estrangement. Who’s target..??

Danger of War….!! USA vs IRAN World’s eyes again fixed on Pakistan, soon America will send a message to Pakistan that might b a helper for the American force against Iran, otherwise in this situation Pakistan would be considered against America.

As like the same message was received in the Musharraf Government. Musharraf said welcome without any demand and debate, this thing was wondering for America because America’s real target was Pakistan. Then what happened after this? It’s all clear among us. The game was that Pakistan never agree and we (Americans) easily attack in Pakistan except for Afghanistan.


Why Iran’s close friend or business partner India silent??

Danger of War….!! USA vs IRAN However, India always habitually adulation in front of America and knows as a king of India. Thus, why India did not stand in all scenarios??? , because of Saudi Arab also silent in this way, whenever Saudi Arab and Iran are against each other?? Where Saudi Arab will be stand?

Another side, why Israel advice America avoid to direct war/attack with Iran??

One more talking is also that where’s and who’s, will be kept foxhole between America and Iran???

1:_ Saudi Arab way to Iraq

2_ Pakistan way to Baluchistan

Because the big safe boundaries are joints with these countries

Another debate is also who’s gain or loses advantages from this war??

Surely, that county, which will be standing with America and that one also will earn much amount of dollar as a loan or maybe as a gift.

Well, we are forgetting one point also is that, in the same way where big boundaries of Pakistan and Iraq are joined together, the same as Turkey and Iran boundaries are also join together.

I mean twist of this story..!!!

America and Turkey are also known as big enemies of each other, whatever this rotation/twist is for Turkey?

Danger of War….!! USA vs IRAN Because, In 2023 all restrictions will be completed which was upon Turkey which was started 100 years ago, In that period, Turkey established more progress during restrictions. If restrictions will end in 2023, where Turkey will go??? Well, return to the back. Turkey is very far from this.

For Turkey entrance, 50% of Iran will be lost and to win Iran, Pakistani help will be required and boundaries of Pakistan and Iran occurred in Baluchistan and CPEC ( China_PakistanEconomic Corridor) is in Baluchistan. China___ when we call this word, our mind remembers the CPEC (China_PakistanEconomic Corridor) because it’s the affection or love of China to grow up this. Now, anybody whatever says attended the present time, world economic superpower is chine and this thing is irritating for America???

Danger of War….!! USA vs IRAN Thus, in this confusing situation, China will never cross stride of Americans in Baluchistan because China invests millions for the sake of Gwadar port development and misfortune is that it is closest near to Iran boundary and have a capable place for war.It means, if Iran and America get together for war, our CPEC ( China_PakistanEconomic Corridor) will be lost for 30/40 years.

Now, in this situation, I will write the lines of General Hameed Gul (Pakistan Army) before his death is, “ One day America will attack Iran, having the same day, piddle on my grave”.

I will value this line of General Hameed Gul because he told the target of America, is not Iran and Afghanistan which is only progress or atomic power of Pakistan which is a disturbing thing for America.

Last days, on news channels heading, was updated which was informed about many more stocks of oil and sui northern gas but suddenly today is opposite. I mean updates of the low quantity of oil stocks…!!

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In short, it’s all about the surprising situation because nobody knows what will be happened in upcoming dates which will be good or bad. Pakistan is in danger zone because of real target is Pakistan, we all stand with Pakistan Army.

Pakistan long live….!!!!


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