What is TRUE LOVE ?

Today I will discuss true love. First of all, what is “TRUE LOVE”?? True Love requires you to give away your true self to another and another side you need for true love reveals your need to be loved unconditionally.

TRUE LOVELove is a true essence that surrounds every human being cares, attention, feelings, emotions, dreams, desires, likes, dislikes, emotions, thoughts and beliefs. It judges all things with the heart, not the mind. There are many meanings, types, and forms of “LOVE”. For example, love of Allah for His beloved Messenger Hazrat Muhammad SAW, love of His servants, love of mothers and fathers for their children, love of brothers and sisters, love of teachers and students, love of husband and wife, love of relatives, love of Friendship, love to nature, love to eating, love to sleeping, love to studying, love to singing, love to music, love to traveling, love to watching movies, love to dressing, love to gaming and so on…!!

The concept of love in Islam:

TRUE LOVEThe Glorious Qur’an mentions the word ‘love’ in many verses. In Islam, love is first for Allah Almighty. Second, the faithful harbor of love for His Last Messenger Muhammad SAW. The Glorious Qur’an says, “Say (O’ Our Messenger Muhammad SAW) If you do love Allah, then follow me, Allah Almighty will love you and forgive you your sins; verily Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.”-3:31

Third, Islam advocates brotherly love in faith. It is reported, “Human beings can live in blessing and kindness so long as they love each other, show trust-worthiness, and behave according to truth and fairness.”

Fourth, In the case of affection between men and women, is valid only in the case of marriage. The only love between a man and a woman that achieves fruition is that between a husband and a wife. The love and compassion between a husband and a wife is a gift from Allah Almighty, and a loving wife finds happiness in obeying her husband.

There is love in Islam. No words can define it. It’s something so mysterious, that only Allah Almighty could design it and comprehends. Wonders of wonders. Beyond man’s conception. And only in Allah, can love to find true perfection.

“Love is Allah’s Divine Gift”

5 Signs of true love:

1: For love is enduring and patient and kind.

2: It depends on care, respect, mutual understanding and compromising.

3: love is guileless and honest and never deceiving.

4: True love requires sincerity, faithfulness, trust and truthfulness.

5: Honestly, true love has never really been about romance or passion at all. It is about truth and value. It is about importance, acceptance, respect, and loyalty.

We ask the Mighty Lord towards seeking His (ALLAH ALMIGHTY) pleasure, purify our hearts with His love, Hs fear, and belief in Him. May Allah help us according to the teachings of His book, Ameen.



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