True definition about success by Donald Trump: 2023

true definition about success

I’m going to talk about success for a couple of minutes.  I’m given soo much money to talk about success and I give it to charity. But I love to talk about success much more than politics. But there are a few things when you talk about being successful.  And I say it and its never gonna change. You have to love what you do you are all young. Ideally, you love something that’s good business. Every business is not good business. I won’t name but they are top business other businesses have been good business. You have to absolutely love what you do. Ideally love what you do. In a good business but you know what if it is necessary that good.

“In the end you are

measured not

by how much you

undertake but

by what you finally


Loving is more important than having that good business. Some people wanna be teacher, I mean some of the happiest people and the most successful people that I know that isn’t the richest. They don’t make all the most money. There teachers there scientists, but I will tell you that they the happy or the people. The people with great families, the people with a great relationship with their wife or husband very important towards success. Because I don’t consider success necessarily monetary. Because I know the most successful people in the world and many of these people are really miserable people. It doesn’t matter what in perhaps some in that category.  But matter how much you are happy.

Now at least I’m very content I can tell you but some of the most successful people in the world I know like many of them all I guess but I know seem to know all. And they cursed my path a lot and did not necessarily happy people. They are very wealthy people but they are in many cases extremely unhappy. Now with all of that, I don’t wanna talk you had that thing because we are talking about success. Most people think success is measured in the form of monetary success. it’s not really I mean to me is successful person has a great family, who loves the family, loves the children and the children love him or her to me that’s so much more successful person than a person that’s made a billion-dollar or 10 billion dollars and it’s miserable and doesn’t have good family anybody like the person and you know I’ve seen them I’ve seen every I think I’ve seen every type of person there is that God created.

. If you wanna know the truth and the people are the happiest are not necessarily the people that wealthiest okay but in term of monetary success it does make life easier you don’t have to worry about food and housing and education and sickness, your doctors you go to the best doctors that hopefully solved the problem but they do make life easier and I tell so many stories about different types of people you love what you do you gotta never ever quit or give up, never quit.

“Don’t be afraid of being

unique, it’s like being afraid

of your best self”

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