Inspiration: Do Not Give Up – 2023 Speech

Inspiration: Do Not Give Up
Inspiration: Do Not Give Up

Motivational speech by Inspiration:

Your Inspiration is the most important thing in this world. You got to dream about something so big that is dwarfs all your fears. The way you overcome fear is with your inspiration. You got to make your dreams so big that nothing matters except the dreams. You are willing to do everything that is necessary.

I was listening to WILL SMITH the other day. WILL SMITH said:

“The best thing in life is on the other side of fear but the fear of failure freezes people, man. ”

Suppose I don’t do it, well you might not make it but I got news for you if you don’t do it, you damn sure not going to make it. Your gift will make room for you, now what is your gift. It’s the thing that you do the absolute best with the least amount of effort that is your gift. Quit running away from the gift your gift will make room for you, stop trying to be something, All failure is psychological. This doesn’t mean that you won’t lose some battles because you will, but it doesn’t mean that as long as you Don’t Give Up, as long as you Don’t Quit.

Motivational speech by INSPIRO

Then you haven’t failed, it just means you’ve made a temporary tactical retreat. It means you have made a brief withdraw so that you can regroup and re-attack. Don’t die with this gift and don’t ever use it. All of you got this wonderful gift but you got to lose it, take your gift, get away from these people that are in your life, that isn’t doing anything.  Get away from people in your life that hate. there is no getting around, there is no elevator to the top. You’ve got to take the stairs The elevator doesn’t go to the top man, not in the world of success. You’ve got to take the stairs. You’ve got to understand. That success, you can’t google success.

“Success seems to be connected with action

successful people keep moving

They make mistakes but don’t quit”

If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you will keep getting. What you’ve been getting, do you realize every day? You thought you won’t make it do you remember the days. When you thought it’s absolutely unbearable and you thought you won’t going to endure it. Do you know that your survival rate forever last one of the bad days is 100%? You’ve survived every hater. You’ve survived the firings. You’ve survived all telling you no we aren’t hiring. You survived all the trouble you ever been in it then your survived rate is 100%.

All you got to do is start changing the way you think. You got to get comfortable, being uncomfortable.

“Never give up, There are always tough time

regardless of what you do in anything in life

Be able to push through those times and

maintain your ultimate goal”

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Aqsa Naz
Aqsa Naz
4 years ago


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