Motivational speech of Steve Harvey: Best Motivation 2023

Motivational speech of Steve Harvey
Motivational speech of Steve Harvey

The previous time I was telling you about your education, I heard some men talking about the importance of motivational and education is critical, you have to be educated, you have to be well-read, you’ve gotta well-verse. There’s no way around it. Education is not the most important thing in your life. I spoke at the school one time and I said that the Principal of the school came up and have me remove from the stage, I was just trying to help the students. Education is not the most important thing. Do you know how many people I’ve known with an education that ain’t working, You know how many people I’ve known with degree’s ain’t got no job, Do you know how many people I know with multiple degree’s ain’t making no money.

This single most important thing in your life is your dream, It’s your dream, Is what you dream about, is in your bible

” A man without dreams or vision shall perish “

it ain’t mention education in the bible, the university of Jamaica is not in the bible, Harvard is not in the Bible, If you’ve got no dream if you’ve got no vision you sank, you done. I’m sorry. I’m just giving you the basics of how to be successful. This how I got here, 1968 came out od school I’m 10 years old the assignment of the teacher was everybody in the school class write your name on the piece of paper and what you wanna be when you grow up, I wrote on my paper ” I want to be on TV ” that lady said, turn in your papers she asked, she would around the room calls everybody name of you to have to stand while she read your paper. She read of everybody’s name, she said to me for last, she said Stevey come to the front. I’m thinking, Okay this it! I ain’t never have a gold start in school in my life.

“Where there is no vision

there is no hope”

I’ve been never recognized for academic achievements in my life, I’ve never got an award of any kind in my life. Here I come and I walked up there and I’m standing at the front of the class, I told you a minute ago. I have a sober studying problem in school. I could not talk outside of my house. I studied soberly, I thought this woman gave me a gold star coz nobody else in the class have written I want to be on TV but me so I will be the best answer of all of them. So I’m standing up there and that lady she didn’t call me up there to give me a gold star she calls me to the front to humiliate me. Why did you put that in your paper, who in this school has been on TV, who in this Neighborhood has ever been on television? Why would you write something like that on your paper and look at your standing you can’t even talk.

. I was crush, why would you write something like that on your paper you never been on TV, every Christmas I sent her of Flatscreen TV coz I don’t want her to miss me, I wanted her to see what God had done for me the fact that they don’t see the dream, the fact that they don’t see what you can be has nothing to do of what God can do, nothing at all.

” In order to carry a positive action

we must develop here a positive vision”

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