Dream big believe in yourself and work hard to make it happen

There are a lot of people in the world that have skills and strength and talent that I will never have, you can be whatever you want to be as long as you want it bad enough. Those are not true. They are fairytales. We all have limitations. I don’t have the right genetics to be an Olympic champion or whatever sport you want to name. Now I’m sure that If I train my whole life perhaps I could have achieved some high level in those sports. But I can tell you I don’t have the DNA to be the best in the world in those categories, does that mean I give up, does that mean I quit of course not, not at all. It means that I’m going to try to be the best that can be. The strongest the fastest the smartest. The smartest human that I can become. The elite performers look at the time and use time completely differently to work hard.

The people who perform at an average level so let’s start out, that first thing I want to tell you about people who win, who max out. They are in a much bigger hurry than the people who are average and I’m not kidding you when I’m saying this that are in a bigger hurry to get to their destination and to get their outcome. Their pace is faster, they walk faster, they talk faster, and their expectations when they are going to arrive at their destination is sooner. How big of a hurry are you in because there is something to be said about, how close you think you are to a goal. How fast you will run to get to the finish line.

Make good choices, to happen good things. The greatest tool you and I have as people. This is what makes us unique, beyond every other living being entity that has a heartbeat on this planet. Every other animal, every other specimen. I don’t care what is out there that is a living organism, what makes you and I unique is whatever we put our time and our focus into grows. Time and focus are the most valuable tools we have as people they aren’t going to see your vision unless you do the work. Put your life into the vision and make a reality for the entire world to see.

So stop wasting time,

stop listening to me right,

and go out and do the work,

to bring that vision to life.


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1 year ago
8 months ago

[…] I wonder do we have the courage to be different see. I don’t just dream of making through the day. I don’t just dream of surviving my life. When you get a dream it all makes you different. You start sacrificing and people will think you crazy because of what you sacrifice. Even if you go on diet because you have a dream to lose 20 pounds, the first thing that everybody around you is gonna say it’s not fun anymore. Don’t let the fact that they don’t have the discipline. To eat something different because you give up on a goal that you set that’s real for your life. And if it’s true with the diet it’s much more true with destiny. I wonder have you been dumping down yourself. Because to be different is too painful and if you are not careful you will conform to the pattern of this world. Rather than being transform by the renewing of your mind. […]

6 months ago

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