What makes a “GOOD FRIENDS”?

What makes a good friend?

What is a friend? What is friendship? What makes a good friend? Keep reading.

In this universe everyone meets with people of different personalities include their behaviors and nature, some are good for us and some are bad, some become our friends and some have evil nature to us. But there are also those who are the cause of happiness in our lives and they are always standing with us time to time in our adversity, troubles, sorrows, and happy moments. These are called friends. Having a good person in life is very important. Our laughter may be due to many people but our happiness is due to only a few who are close to our hearts and souls and they are our true, loyal, and trusty friends.

“Someone with whom we can share openly about our deepest issues and feelings is called a good friend.”

A good friend never lets us down in our challenging time when everybody disappoints us but our few loyal and sincere friends Stand with us and help us to do better. Without any reason when someone helps you and not need any reward from you, accept your both qualities good or bad and never let you leave in your troubles, that is called friendship. Never lose these kinds of friends.

However, I want to explore the good qualities of a good friend and it is also said what makes a good friend?

Of course, you may have a mutual sense of empathy, understanding, respect, comfort, love, and trust with your good friends.

George Washington offered some wise words about friendship when he said, “Be courteous to all, but intimate with few; and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. True friendship is a plant of slow growth and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation.”

A good friend has these qualities:  honesty, acceptance, trust, respect, sacrifice, time, loyalty, openness, appreciation, and good adviser.

Honesty is the most significant quality of good friends. A good friend must tell you the truth when you have this kind of friend you have no need to ask her/his “tell me the truth” because they told you all things at first if they trust you. Good friends make you accept yourself the way you are. He / She understand that your choices are your but they help you to do the best in your life events. Your good friend shouldn’t need your attention every minute of the day and should be able to understand that you have lots of commitment.

They make you feel confident and not judge yourself. Loyalty is also undeniable one of the most important qualities of a good friend. Loyal friends are stand by your side. In contrast, “fair-weather friends” are ones who are only there when things going good for you. Mutual respect is one of the most powerful traits of good friends but when a lack of it is a serious warning sign that you’re entering into an abusive dynamic. Trustworthy is a powerful feeling, never underestimate the importance of this. A good friend always there for you when you’re feeling down.

Don’t lose these types of friends! Share this article with a good friend !


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