Tips for Happy, Long-Lasting Relationships

The Oxford Dictionary defines trust as “a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something”. For example, we trust people who are kind-hearted favoring, who have honesty, and whose actions correlate to their words. We trust someone we can be sure to every matter do what is “right”. Most important matter for modern life for long-lasting relationships.

Ways of Long-Lasting RelationshipIn a close relationship, we trust our partner if he or she reliable, loyal, trusty, constant and honest. Obviously, trust matters a great understanding of a lot of people, especially to those of us who are trying hard to have a loving, fulfilling relationship.

Trust is all things. Trust is an essential part of any relationship, we can only love someone we trust. Trust is a positive feeling that facilities a positive emotional connection between any relationship based on affection, love, and loyalty. When you have trust in someone that they will always remain loyal, sincere and love to you. To trust someone means that you can depend on them and are comfortable because you feel safe with them

It is often said, “Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair”.

When you completely trust a person without any doubt, you’ll automatically receive one of two things, a friend for life or a lesson for life.

why we don’t have trust in each other?

1:-Maturity level difference

2:-when your past hurting your present

3:-Unrealistic, unspoken and unclear expectations

When you have a low level of perception for others thinking and disunity of any matter, trust can never be built. Trust usually isn’t something people openly talk about, it’s about automatically feeling of knowing. Our tendency to trust is based on many factors among them being our personality, beliefs, values, culture, norms, self-awareness and self-experiences.

Sue Augustine, author of when your past is hurting your past says“ you may not be able to control what happens to you, but you can control what happens within you”

Ways of Long-Lasting Relationship

Having unrealistic, unspoken and unclear expectations are also causing low or broken trust in any relation, great expectations the most likely it is they won’t be met to someone and expect also that they would be love back to you. Clarifying expectations is protective medicine when it comes to trust.

“ It is mutual trust, even more than mutual interest

that holds human associations together“.

                                                                           ~ H.L Menken

Trust is as required for healthy relationships as oxygen. In my last article (Rules of successful relation) I told you the rules of successful relationships which was:-

1:- Trust

2:- Truth

3:- Compromise

Ways of Long-Lasting RelationshipTrust is a very crucial part of any relation, if anyone of these three (rules) is less then no relationship can last long.

Some rules to build trust in a relationship : –

1: Respect and care for each other

2: Don’t keep secrets

3: Don’t make promises, if you cannot fulfill.

4: Stay constant

5: learn to compromise and accept the same decision.

“Trading secrets is trust trading“.

When trust is broken that’s it’s broken forever or do people deserve a second chance and third chance? Feel free to share your comments.


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