Essential Rules for a Successful Relationship

Rules of Successful Relation-Truth, Trust, and compromise have a wide role in our life.. If you want to long-life relationship with anyone. You should follow this rule:

Why truth, trust, and compromise are so important in our life?
Think of your relationship is always truthful than automatically your trust will be increased. Do truth and Trust have a relation with each other?

We are Muslim that’s why our first priority is always truthful, never lie with anyone. If you lie onetime or by mistake or some kind of benefit, it may be temporarily helpful, maybe you feel relaxed but in the future that your mistake leads to a big problem. Be truthful is always is very beneficial for our personality and also for our relationship.

If we will be truthful with each other than automatically trust will be build and that will be strong day by day that depends on our commitment with us. Truth and trust have a relation with each trust that can’t be build without being truthful.

How much is beneficial for us to be trustful?

If you have a trustful relation than you can talk on each topic like friends. then your relationship will stay long. friendship type relation is also very important to be successful in relations. If you have a friendly relationship you will share everything, you will talk on every topic, your mind will be relaxed. then your trust also will be increased.

Why compromise is necessary for a successful relationship?

Rules of successful relationWe are a human being, We have a different nature, sometimes people think I should to try to adjust and sometimes people think i should sacrifice. But I think we should care for each feeling. If we relate it with a relationship than see, Rather than to think about sacrifice, adjust, and hide the feeling to each other. we should try to compromise on some things or habits. If you compromise than your partner will be happy with it then maybe he/she compromise. compromise has a very wide role in our life for a successful relationship. Especially you are angry with each other if you compromise say sorry than your respect will be increased.

Have you seen if your relation is truthful and trustful and also has a mixture of compromise? If you follow this role




your relation always is happy and friendly. Insha Allah

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