No More Excuses | Quotes about excuses

Tell yourself “no more excuses, I can achieve my goals.” You just have to believe that you can do it. You have to stop making excuses.  The problem is your laziness, have no time, mental stress, and anxiety. This means that you may never reach your life goals. If you want to achieve your goals you must have worked hard and said ” no more excuses “. You should get your lifestyle best and excuse free.

Today, I’m talking exclusively about the people who want something (life goals) in life more but just keep making excuses for why they can’t achieve their goals or for why their life is bad? As a student, I experience a lot of excuses as to why I make assignments too late, why I can’t struggle for high achievement scores, and so on. Believe me, it is very easy to make excuses and well-being of them. But sooner, I realize it’s not good for my life. I try to overcome it and I succeed. I told myself that making excuses is full of wastage of time. At first, it was very hard but was not impossible. Thus, I changed my life and mindset.

There are few common excuses which are often making:

1: I can’t do it

2: Fear of failure

3: feeling tired

4: It is too hard

5: I will do it later

6: I have no power

7: I’m hungry, not ready to work.

8: Sleeping

9: Not motivated

10: I’m all Done

Can you ready to overcome these kinds of excuses? Let’s follow these rules which are written below.

1: value your time

first of all, set your timetable and value your time. Manage your work time and follow the rules of work. Time is a very important tool for making your life best. Students should have to work regularly and on time without making excuses.

2: Excuses is not a solution

Most students make many excuses which were not valid a reason and no solution to any problem. This type of people faces many hardships in life and never get success in their life. So ready to say enough no more excuses.

3: If you really want your goal without excuse, you will make it happen: –

Setting a goal and though of the goal is very easy but that may be hard to achieve but not impossible. Without making excuses you will get any achievement that you think to achieve.

4: Stop compare yourself

If you don’t work well during making excuses so stop excuses and work with zeal and zest. Don’t compare others’ end situation to your first situation of working.  You have to work hard more. nobody is perfect. success is not easy.  It is easy if you are work on it without excuses and comparing it.

5: Belief in yourself

You must have to believe in yourself that what you want in life and how you can achieve it with time. If you don’t have lame excuses you will succeed in every goal of life. Yes, You can achieve your goal. Nothing is impossible but you have to work it on without excuses. You have to a strong belief that ” I can do it “, ” No more excuses “.

In the end, share your experiences of lame excuses of your lives and how can you overcome them.


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1 year ago

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