Look beyond your reflection in the mirror essay

Today I was standing in the front in the reflection in the mirror essay to talk my reflection to accept that I’m not perfect. Tose my self beyond my physical appearance for the first time and understand who I’m.

Today I think I learned that life is reflected on the skin. Although they say the eyes are mirrors of the soul. They are also the door to hope. But sometimes its hard to look in the mirror and see beyond the appearance to see that we are not just made of flesh and bone, but experience hopes and dreams.

We are just flesh and bone, we are everything, we have been and all that we will be.

Our wrinkles reflect worry around the eyes and laughter around the mouth. They reflect the words left unsaid as well as the ones that we blurted out and regretted later. They are a part of us, and a part that shows the world who we are.

It might be hard to look into your soul when you look in the mirror. We tend to do this when we regret the past instead of looking towards the future. When we try to make ourselves look perfect, and like we are lifeless dolls without any life experience.

But we are more than to meets to eyes. We are our past and it shows on our skin. The past shows us where we come from but it doesn’t matter where we will go. We are the ones who choose where to take the next step.

However, it remembers to learn from the past without changing to it. I understand that the will fo fight for what I really want is more valuable than the mistake that we have been in the past. You don’t always have to look at the reality exactly the way it is, but what you can achieve if you do what you set out to do.

It takes time to build the future that you want, but you will only do so if you are a parent and don’t give up, no matter how far away your goals seem right now. It’s a virtue to persist in the face of adversity, a skill to learn from your mistakes, and a sign of intelligence to detach yourself from the stone that tripped you.

Today I sat in front of mirror to talk with my reflection, and I understood that I’m everything that I have lived through, and I will be everything that I want to be.

“Never look down on yourself when the whole world

is against you. just look in the mirror

then you will find out that you are not alone.

that person you will see in the mirror that’s your reflection.

it shows that if everybody ignores you

it will always stick around with you.

you mirror what the world mirrors to you”.

It’s in our hands to fight for our dreams and learn from our mistakes. In the end, our dreams are within reach if we get to know ourselves beyond the images we project. Now today is perfect in the world but we are wisely imperfect.

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