How to achieve your goals and dreams

Something you would like to achieve in your life that is called “goals and dreams”, and motivation is the force that drives a person to achieve an object, it is the desire to work well. “Objectives” are short term aim and “aim” is neither long nor short. It just between goals and objectives. “Goals” are achievable and challenging.

Goals are divided into two types:_

1: long term goals

2: Short term goals

A goal that is reached over an extended period of time. Long term goals have long period to achieve, goals for struggling to pass competitive exams (CSS, PM Setc), Lawyer, Doctor, Engineer, Lecturer, Police Officer, and Politician, starting a business, retirement savings, purchasing a home and a goal that can be reached in the near future is called short term goals Short term goals having short period to achieve like desire to get admission in Ph.D., made an attempt to get first position, Travel, wedding, household appliances, and insurance payment.

how to achieve your goals and dreamsGoal setting is necessary to achieve anything in your life. First of all, make your goal and motivate your self to achieve a goal, self-efficiency and goal commitment is a way to success.


Goal-setting theory Edwin Locke

In 1960, Edwin Locke put forward the goal-setting theory of motivation

  • The goals should be challenging but not exceed the person’s ability.
  • Performance feedback is essential.
  • Goal setting by management works best when people are already internally motivated by a need to achieve.
  • Participative goal-setting works best for individuals with a lower need for achievement, and they are familiar and at ease with participative management techniques.
  • Goal-setting is related to self-efficiency in terms of how goals are chosen and how results are feedback.

Researcher Edwin Locke found that individuals who set specific difficult goals performed better than those who set general, easy goal. The goal-setting theory refers to the effect of setting goals on subsequent performance.

Principles of goal-setting

1: Clarity

2: Challenge

3: Commitment

4: Feedback

5: Task Complexity

This theory states that goal setting is essentially linked to task performance, it states that specific and challenging goals along with appropriate feedback contribute to higher and better task performance. In simple words, goals indicate and give direction to an employee about what needs to be done and how much effort is required to be put in.

how to achieve your goals and dreams“ Specific, difficult goals consistently led to higher performance than urging people to do their best. In short, when people are asked to do their best, they do not do so” (Locke,2002)


Goal-setting motivation gave inspiration for job motivation, realistic and challenging tasks, and a specific and clear destination. Goal setting is important for every person, without goal man, has only passed a time not utilize things for a specific purpose. When a student goes to study without any difficulty and only for enjoyment that is not called hard work because they have not goal-setting in their minds. Without put up the mind for goal-setting and hardworking life is nothing more to spark.

Be S.M.A.R.T

Specific: Exactly what is it you want to accomplish? The more detailed and specific, the better the goal.

Measurable: In what ways can you measure your goal so that you know you’re making progress?

Attainable: Is this goal, something you know you can actually accomplish?

Realistic: Do you have the capabilities, resources and physical abilities to reach your goal? Really?

Time-bond: How much time will you allow yourself to accomplish this goal?

To achieve your desires, aims, objectives

and a goal this theory and rules are essential parts.

Set your goals and work on it

you will succeed one day.INSHALLAH….!!!!


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How to achieve your goals and dreams

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