How Books are Better Than Movies ?

Books are better than movies?

Yes, the majority of people say books are better than movies. Here I explain how and why?

How Books are Better Than Movies ? Imagination is most fabulous than a movie. You can read the book whenever you want but when you want to watch a movie you were bound by a time limit. Movies are only for you to watch, but books make your mental growth faster. When you read a book, you may take a day, three days, one week or several months due to your own time and comfortable time likewise when you watch a movie at the cinema , you need to sit there for 2 to 3 hours without any break. books are better than movies
Why does this seem so different? Due to your own time zone and time limit and major factors to show that it seems books are better than movies.
Here are all the factors that will make you believe that reading a book is better than watching a movie.

If there were no books to write and read in great details, today, we can’t know the information of decades but movies can’t do:-

When you can’t include every information or event of the book in the movie based on 3 hours, the book will always better than a movie.
” The book is a film that takes place in the mind of the reader”.
-Paul Coelho
Movies are only for you to watch that will stay in your memory for a short time but when if you love reading and interested to read a book you can memorize stories for a long time period. After 10 years you will still remember the story.

Books have great details to read but movies have often missing to know all about the story:-
How Books are Better Than Movies ? people often complain that some characters and events are missing in movies.3 hours to watch a movie, this is a loss of time because it’s not a proper resource to know all details to know something about, some personal information is often missing and we also deprived major facts of knowledge. For example, Shakespeare’s play of  “Romeo and Juliet” often lost to modern audiences because the language just doesn’t translate on-screen. We can’t fully appreciate the dialogues, descriptions and all. The modern audience also failed to grab the irony, sarcasm, and other fine emotions.

books are better than movies because of your imagination:-
when you read a book, your mind starts to create imaginary characters, sounds of those characters, landscapes, wind, clouds, rain, sun, moon, and every small point of the story by creating you. You will begin to feel that you were there. your imagination creating the world and everything in it.

How can we imagine things?

How Books are Better Than Movies ? When you start to read lines of a play of George Bernard Shaw ” Pygmalion”  come on read these lines you automatically start to imagine things.
“The play opens one night at 11:15 p.m in London when a crowd of people has taken shelter from the heavy summer rain in the porch of St. Paul’s Church in Convent Garden vegetable market. The crowd includes a lady ( Mrs. Eynsford Hill ) and her daughter  ( Miss Clara Hill ) who are waiting for Freddy Hill ( the lady’s son ) to bring a taxi for them to take them home”.

Alright, what have you imagined so far? Do you see the darkness of night?  Do you see the crowd?  Do you feel rain smell? Do you see a taxi? This stage your mind is already picturing something based on your own experience. continue reading this.

“The crowd also includes a man who is busy taking down notes in a notebook. Then there is a flower girl, with her basket of flowers, who is looking for customers to buy flowers from her. The man who is taking down notes becomes particularly interested in the flower girl’s manner of speaking, and he takes down whatever she speaks”.
Okay, there are more new persons to introduce that who they are and how they are in their activities. Do you imagine more than your experience as who were the men? what was he write in his notebook? how he interested to note girls’ manners of speaking? The girl was not able to speak the language well? Is he a phonetics teacher? how was the color of flowers? how was the smell and kind of flowers? Was the girl poor to sell flowers? what was the color of her flower basket?
Your imagination can create a world in it.
How Books are Better Than Movies ? Absolutely, books are personal to you. You can make a world as your own experiences. This is why books are better than movies. Our imagination and mind are powerful. Each person slightly has a difference in the imagination aspects of the book. When a movie maker make a film, he has done with his ideas of what should it look like and how should be done with the setting, sounds, atmosphere, and everything. books are better than movies

Finally, it is understood that 99% of the time, a movie will never be as good as the book, , because the book is your world, while the movie is someone else’s.

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